Founder, Shira Nicks

What We Do

angel mamas is an Arizona-based nonprofit that raises funds and secures services for families with children living with chronic and life-threatening medical conditions. Families receive financial assistance and services according to their specific through the referral of a social worker.

Our Story

angel mamas is a nonprofit organization that had humble beginnings in 2008 with one mother, our Founder Shira Nicks, and an idea for a charity baby shower. Shira was inspired by her own children to be a better person and create a better community. She envisioned a community of mothers who could find connection and support in times of uncertainty, inspiration and strength in times of weakness, and compassion for others through charity.

Then, after watching "Oprah's Big Give" in 2008, the positive energy and enlightenment surrounding the show struck a chord in her that redefined her as a person. There was an epiphany in which she felt compelled to do something. It was then that Shira harnessed this positive energy into organizing angel mamas' first event - a charity baby shower. It was such a success that she tapped into her community and solicited mothers to join her in the crusade for getting out and helping others.

angel mamas began working alongside other charities like West Valley Child Crisis Center, Homeward Bound and Devereux Arizona. The concept garnered great support over the years because of its hands-on volunteer efforts. Moms loved being able to work directly with charities by going to the source of those in need and helping them one-on-one. Moms were able to get their children and families involved with the volunteer projects and together they felt a sense of true giving.

After 4 years of assisting other charities, angel mamas created it's own program aptly titled "Wings of Love." The program allowed angel mamas to "adopt" a single mother fighting breast cancer and her son for an entire year. angel mamas supported their critical and counseling needs as well as educational and extra-curricular requests. The program was successful, so it was repeated with a larger family -- a single mom and her 3 children, the eldest girl struggling with the ravaging after-effects of early childhood cancer.

Since 2014, due to the community's support of the generous Wings of Love program, it was expanded to meet the needs of multiple families each month. By working with social workers and medical facilities, angel mamas supports families with children fighting life-threatening medical conditions by providing financial and in-kind support.

What started as a simple idea has grown into a concrete, fully functioning, philanthropic organization that continues to grow and support more children and families each year.

Our Mission

"Connecting mothers to support each other and families in our community."

Our Vision

angel mamas makes an impact on a personal level, for both moms and our cause, but serves as an inspiration to do good and give back on a global level by “passing it on.”