Wings of Love

Assisting Children with Life-Threatening Medical Conditions

No parent could imagine their child having a life-threatening illness or disease and could never prepare adequately for such an event. In addition to the emotional devastation families face, they also struggle with the physical hardships of painful treatments, unrelenting trips to medical facilities and stressful regimens instead of blissful play. This can exhaust a family’s finances, resources and lifelines.

Through Wings of Love, angel mamas works with caring social workers at local hospitals and facilities to find families in need of products and services they can’t afford or don’t have access to. Our program structure allows families to tell us what they need so we can fulfill their most urgent requests.

angel mamas provides assistance through the following categories. Applicants can receive assistance in these categories within one calendar year. If applicants are eligible for assistance, angel mamas will provide such assistance “only” by directly paying vendors.

Living/Home Expenses
groceries, gas, utility bills, repairs (critical needs only)
Health/Medical Expenses
one-time treatments, equipment not covered by insurance
Childhood Development
counseling, tutoring, personal development
Childhood Extra-Curricular
camps, sports, etc.
Parental Development
coaching, counseling, financial advisement


Wings of Love Application